Currently, Burch Propane serves a number of grain-drying facilities as well numerous greenhouses across our area. Without propane and its consistent heating qualities and performance, we could not enjoy the fruits that Southern Maryland produces. These small agricultural operations rely on propane for their greenhouses, power equipment, grain-drying, and agricultural vehicles as much as we rely on them for our locally grown food.

Propane is used by close to a million farmers across our country. They know they can depend on the efficiency and dependability of propane-powered equipment and vehicles. Southern Maryland has a long history of agriculture. Although the area has changed from the large farms with thousands of acres of tobacco to the smaller crops such as soybean, corn, and other local produce, propane has continued to provide the heat each generation has needed.

As you drive through our area and see produce stands, greenhouses, and the farmers? markets, just remember that propane probably played an important role in making them possible. And we are proud to say that the Burch Family, through Burch Oil and Burch Propane, has supported these efforts.

Propane for agriculture and farm equipment