Propane Heating Equipment

Burch Propane is proud to supply and install efficient and effective gas heating equipment to homes and businesses in Southern Maryland. We offer a variety of different propane heating equipment, such as heat pump hybrid systems, hydronic baseboard, and propane boilers.

But what exactly makes propane one of the most efficient sources of fuel available? The answer lies in the high efficiency (up to a 95% energy rating) of the modern equipment used for propane heating in addition to the high BTU rating. This means that propane burns very hot and very slowly, so you use less and get more.

Take a look at the propane heating system solutions we offer below, and call 301-373-2131 or contact us here for a no-obligation quote on your installation!

Hybrid Propane Furnace & Heat Pump Systems

If you have ductwork already in place for a heat pump, create a hybrid heating system simply by adding a propane furnace to an existing heat pump system. This dramatically increases indoor comfort while lowering your energy costs.

Hybrid heating systems take advantage of the equipment’s peak efficiency thresholds by automatically switching between the heat pump and propane furnace as outdoor temperatures fluctuate during the day.

Traditional heat pumps function best when outdoor temperatures are above 35 °F, but when temperatures fall below 35 °F, traditional heat pumps use significantly more energy and become increasingly less effective at heating. A propane furnace-equipped hybrid heating system, on the other hand, is efficient and highly effective at temperatures 35 °F and below!

Electric Baseboard Heat Conversions

Depending on the area that requires heating, electric options range from propane furnaces and boilers to built-in propane room heaters and fireplaces.

Electric baseboard heaters can be replaced with hydronic baseboards. This system replaces the electric baseboards with a propane-fired boiler which distributes hot water to the baseboards. This system has the potential benefit of serving as an efficient source of hot water. A propane furnace or hybrid heat pump system is also a great option if you have, or are considering, central air conditioning to your home. Your propane system and your air conditioner will use the same ductwork for both heating and cooling.

Propane Gas Boilers & Water Heaters

Homes that are fitted with a propane boiler are equipped with an excellent source of hot water. A domestic coil is submerged inside the boiler or the boiler can be equipped with an indirect water heater that is able to provide an almost limitless supply of hot water. Compare that to traditional boilers that are generally not installed to primarily serve as hot water heaters.

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