Water Heaters

Burch Propane offers a variety of different configurations of propane water heaters for every home or business, and the benefits are sizeable. A propane water heater is over three times more efficient than a comparably-sized electric water heater. A traditional 32 gallon propane water heater can produce 109 gallons of hot water per hour while a comparably-sized electric water heater will only produce 30 gallons in the same amount of time. Additionally, because propane is effective at heating water and maintaining heat, its operating cost is much lower than electricity.

Propane water heating systems are available in the traditional tank system as well as in tankless configuration. Tankless water heaters vary in size depending on household needs but produce water on demand. Because water does not need to be maintained at a high temperature, tankless water heaters utilize less energy and have low operating costs.

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Propane hot water heaters