At Burch Propane, we can install reliable and affordable commercial and residential generators that will keep your home or business up and running in the event of a power outage. We also offer generator service for greater peace of mind when it comes to safely powering your home. With a high-quality propane-fired generator, you will be able to use important appliances like heating sources, air conditioners, lights, refrigerators, and many electrical appliances if your power is out.

Generators fueled by propane kick in automatically when electricity goes out. However, please remember to have your tank filled after each use so your home or business will be fully equipped for future outages. When a storm causes significant outages, propane is in higher demand, meaning that supplies are often tight and road conditions may make it difficult for us to reach you as promptly as we would like to.

As your year-round home and business comfort specialists, Burch Propane is dedicated to keeping you and your family safe throughout the seasons.

To learn about our generator installations and service, contact our office today!

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